Akarenga shop on the 1st floor in bldg 3 Chiegura (Wisdom Warehouse) has a great selection of surveniors and specialities of Maizuru, North Kyoto and Wakasa. Items related to SDF (Self Defense Force) and Former navy and Japan Coast Guard are also popular. You can buy the recipe book of former navy.

    Featured Products

  • Curry

    They are the best selling products at Akarenga shop. Several curry products which is made by former navy recipe or ingredients of local specialities, …etc. Suitable for use as gift.

  • Cider

    It is said that navy provided lemon soda making by carbonic acid gas of fire extinguishing equipment in order to supply vitamins while they ventured long time on the ocean. Navy cider and Akarenga cider are developed by getting a hint from this story. They are selling well in all seasons.

  • SDF (Self Defense Force) Products

    Functional items which estimated usage under a severe environment and cute original goods related to SDF are popular products.

  • Sweets

  • Maizuru is close to a previous capital Kyoto and developed as a naval port town which respect for civility. Confectionery shops are substantial compared to the scale of the city.
    Sweets from navy recipe and developed under the theme of red brick are recommended as Maizuru speciality gifts.

  • Local special products

  • Processed marine product

    Maizuru is famous for seafood and there are many process products developed suitable for a gift easy to take away.
    Maizuru Kamaboko (Boiled fish paste) is characterized by using live fish meat abundantly not only using frozen meat. A deep flavor derived from original protein of fish is made by traditional process using live fish meat.

  • Maizuru Tea

    Maizuru tea that grew up with sandy soils and rich nature in the Yura River basin is characterized by its thin leaves, high concentration and clear transparent aqua color. It is blended with Uji tea and supports Uji tea brand.
    Enjoy Maizuru tea form High grade tea that won first prize of covered tea at the production area award at the national tea competition to green tea sweets.