• Café Jazz

    Bldg 2 (Maizuru city Commemoration Hall) 1st floor
    The café is in front of the information desk of the red brick park. There are special menus such as Navy curry, Maizuru Nikujaga (meat and potato) and Navy beef cutlet based on former Navy bringing back from overseas after opening its contry to the world. Cafe Jazz also has a great selection of original cafe menu such as Navy cake roll and Brick pound cake.

    Opening hours 10:00 to 19:00
    Capacity 40 seats for tables and 7 seats at counter
    Closed Not fixed
    Tel no. 0773-63-7177

  • Bldg 5 Café

    Bldg 5 (Red brick event hall) 1st floor
    You can enjoy meals and café in the biggest building facility, Bldg.5. The most popular menu is Maizuru SDF (Self Defense Force) curry reproducing recipe of Fuyuzuki (one of destroyer escort) kitchen.

    Opening hours 11:00 to 15:00
    Capacity 40 seats for tables
    Closed  Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Food wagon / stall

    Food wagons and stalls are gathered at event time and weekends. Many different shops are gathering from Maizuru and other Kansai area at event times

  • Maizuru SDF curry

    SDF currys are sold in several restauraunts in Maizuru. More than 10 original curries based on the recipes of vessels, facilities and units thanks to the cooperation of Maizuru district headquarters

     ▶ Maizuru SDF curry