Tourist Attraction in this area

  • Maritime Self-Defense Force

    In Maritime Self-Defense Force District Corps adjacent to Akarenga Park, Kitasui Pier where you can observe escort ships closely, Naval Memorial, Regend Togo historical residence, and Hericopter Squadron 23rd are open to public. Since the publication schedule is changed from time to time, please confirm the homepage in advance.

     ▶ Maritime Self-Defense Force Maizuru District Headoffice 
  • Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum

    Maizuru had warmly welcomed 660,000 repatriates for 13 years who were detained and forcibly worked after World War 2. Maizuru becomes the home of postwar reconstruction as a new departure point for the first step after the war.
    It opened in 1988 with the support and cooperation of experienced people, stakeholders nationwide and Maizuru citizens as a facility to inherit the repatriation and Siberian detention to posterity, and to transmit the preciousness of peace. 570 items of collections were registered as UNESCO world Heritage.

     ▶ Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum 
  • Maizuru Shinkai (Sea) Park

    It is a park maintained on the coast in Chitose area which is the entrance of Maizuru Bay. Enjoy the popular speciality Black Hashed Beef at the restaurant while watching ships on the bay, fishing with family at the fishing park. You can learn about ship and energy, also enjoy planetarium at PR facility Elmar Maizuru.

     ▶ Elmar Maizuru 
  • Maizuru Fururu Farm

    Fururu farm is agriculture park among nature, popular for family vacations. Rural restaurant and bread baking class, cottage accommodation are open at this leisure facility.

     ▶ Maizuru Fururu Farm 
  • Maizuru Natural Cultural Park

    It is a nature-rich park that you can enjoy throughout the year gathering valuable plants both in Japan and abroad. There are about 30,000 camellia garden, 100,000 Hydrangea garden, rhododendron garden, etc. in the park. You can enjoy sceanery every season such as spring green lawn and autumn leaves.

     ▶ Maizuru Natural Cultural Park 
  • Goro Sky Tower

    Mt. Goro is located in the center of Maizuru and boasts a height of 301m above sea level. The observation tower is 50m heights at the top of the mountain. From the observation deck, you can enjoy 360 degree panoramic view of Maizuru Bay and Maizuru city. The view from here is shosen for the 1st place of Kinki 100 great views.

     ▶ Goro Sky Tower